CC Recording - We are
CCRecording is a professional recording studio located just south of San Jose, California. Our studio is a 35 foot trailer! It was built by Universal Studios for a film production company and was moved from movie set to movie set or from studio to studio, to allow for additional sound recording needed in feature films. It was built specifically to record sound. We're available for on location projects such as recording a choir, corporate training or team building events, high school graduations, etc. So if you've got a project that requires on-location recording, mixing or mastering, we can do that!

Of course, you can also come to us in our south bay location. We are setup and ready to get your project recorded, mixed and mastered with our professional equipment and people.

We also do karaoke-style recordings, where you come and record yourself singing your favorite songs over pre-recorded backing tracks! Call or email us (see "CONTACT" page) for more information.

CC Recording - Our environment
We're a small studio, but capable of big things. Our studio space and personnel make us the ideal place for singer/songwriters to work. The studio is comfortable, well appointed, our producer/engineer is capable not only of getting the best recording of your work, but of helping you get the best out of yourself in terms of arranging, producing and performance. With bands or larger groups, we work with you one, two or three at a time. Not only does this allow us to focus more attention on each part, it also gives us separation between the recorded tracks, allowing us to do the very best job at mixing time. So while we're tailor-made for those solo singer/songwriters or duos out there, we have no problem working with larger groups if you're willing to work with us. And no matter if it's a solo singer or a 15-voice ensemble, we promise to be true to your sound and goals as musicians.